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phase converterOur modern world is now light years away from how it used to be. Technology has improved significantly, what were once deemed as fictional things are now coming to life and are now part of people’s daily life. These things make man’s life simple yet they also bring enormous complexity. The changes in technology have not only carried us far away from the simple lifestyle of our ancestors but it also carried us to an easier life aided by electrical equipment.

Electrical equipment is defined as any appliance, fixture, device, apparatus which needs an electrical energy for it to work. This simply means that anything that uses electricity for it to function is considered as electrical equipment. It isn't only limited to small appliances or home appliances; it also includes major appliances or large machines as well as power tools and microcontrollers.

Small appliances are those that are found inside the house. It belongs to the class of home appliances which are handy or movable or it can also be semi-portable. Basically these are appliances which can be put on top of table, sink, divider or counter tops. These appliances have little electrical requirement.

Major appliances (also called as domestic appliances) on the other hand, are big, heavy and hard to transfer, and almost always remain on fixed spot for a long time fixtures. They usually have sizeable electricity requirements and needs higher current supply.

Power tools are gears which are power-driven by electricity. There are two types of power tools, those which can be brought anywhere also known as handheld and those which could not be transported from one location to another also known as stationary. These tools are usually used in factories, construction and industry.

And lastly the microcontroller also written as µC, uC or MC. This is a small computer on a single integrated circuit which contains a processor, memory, and programmable peripherals. They are usually patronized by automobile company owners for the engine control systems, machines in the office even on the toy for the kids.

Here are 5 examples of electronic equipment:

  • Washing machine – used in washing clothes and is considered as major appliance.
  • Cellular phone – a handheld wireless phone where you can make a call or a send a text message.
  • CD player – the one that is being attached to a television to view movies from CD.
  • Television – an electric-driven device which broadcasts visuals and sounds.
  • Mixer – Mixes two output signal into one

Electrical equipment has become a vital part of the modern man’s life. In everything that we do we always get in contact with it, may it be in our homes, office, school, restaurant, mall or public places. These equipments aid people in many ways. The best and simplest example of electrical equipment which has great impact in man’s life would be light. It is very small but this simple and small device serves as a source of brightness during night time. Sometimes we fail to appreciate what electrical appliances can do to our life, but this is for sure it is a big help for us.

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